Mardi Road, Maregaon

Principal Desk

Mr. Manu Nair


Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another gift from our creator, another golden opportunity to complete the job. Let your first step set the theme of success and positive action as you were not born to fail.

The world today is progressing at a tremendous pace and is moulding the young minds in the scientific, technological, economic and social frame in which they needs to function in future, which will be very different from what it is today. Education has always been effective medium for bringing about change and therefore, the challenges we as educators face are tremendous. Education begins with life. Before we are aware, the foundations of character are laid. Over the last decade research has demonstrated that emotional development or what has become known as “emotional literacy,” is of fundamental importance. Learning emotional literacy has been shown to be crucial for intellectual development, social development, aesthetic development, and health.

” Feel the magic inside you,
Follow the strength that guides you,
Break those barriers that bind you
You are born to shine like a star,
Transform your dreams into reality at par,
Stand in the crowd with grace and pride,
So friends never underestimate the power of me.
Feel it inside you with reverence and enterprising,
Because life is not about surviving —But definitely living !!!”

Scholars International School, Maregaon would serve as a cradle to nurture the young minds, transforming them into global citizens. For this purpose, top-notch team of experts have been appointed for strategic planning, academic modelling, resource designs, facility management, brand building, marketing & admissions, quality assurance, ICT (Instruction and Communication Technologies) deployment, human resource management and systems development. The team has rich and varied experience at international and national level and is focused only on the education sector.

I am sure that with the commitment of our school management, the support of our parents, the self-belief of our Students and the strong bond which we share with our well wishers we would be able to fulfil the aspirations of the society.

Our Best,