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Welcome to the Scholars International School, Maregaon. An organization that is committed to its mission, vision, and values down to the word. We have very well established environment in a building with good facilities and space for children to learn. Technology, music, art, physical education, library, classroom and common spaces all communicate a message that learning is the core purpose and highly valued at Scholars.

This vibrant community focuses on learning. Our school is managed and led by people with a wealth of experience in caring and teaching young children and helping them become confident and high achieving individuals. Students are continuously given feedback on their work habits and we constantly strive to prepare students for a changing future.

We aim for students to develop into men and women who will make a positive difference in the world. Our values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Compassion guide our actions and promote a culture of inclusiveness an engagement. The Scholars International School, Maregaon provides the optimal environment for learning and preparing students for a changing future.

We dedicate ourselves to continuing the tradition of being an outstanding learning centre. What better place and time to educate the finest global leaders of tomorrow?

Please contact the School for further information and I look forward to welcoming you to the school.

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Scholars International School

  • Mission

    Scholars International School, Maregaon

    To create an environment where tradition harmonizes with modernity, where emphasis is laid on igniting the young minds, where the joy of understanding, creative thinking and problem solving will establish skills for life.

    To nurture talent and aesthetic aspect to help the students to realize their individual potential, and through this realization, enable the greater good in the world.


    Scholars International School, Maregaon

    Building the characters to inspire in every child a love for learning and the confidence to explore, grow and achieve as individuals.

    Our Idea

    Scholars International School, Maregaon

    Education is a continuous and never ending process. Education should be a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting experience which will inculcate in the students a burning Passion to express themselves, participate in discussions and develop an ethical and emphatic outlook of society - qualities which are not only noble but are also the seeds of change.

    Education has a responsibility to society - to provide ingenious citizens who have the ability to make the right choices. And it all starts when we begin to "Celebrate Learning"!

Our Team

Manu Nair


Sangita Badki

Assistant Teacher

Rupali Dhandre

Assistant Teacher

Komal Basode

Assistant Teacher

Priyanka Nibrad

Assistant Teacher

Deepa Nair

Assistant Teacher

Sachitanand Walke

Assistant Teacher

Shital Bobade

Assistant Teacher

Priti Khapne

Assistant Teacher

Premchand Kashyap

Assistant Teacher

Sangita Chakke

Assistant Teacher

Suchita Hepat

Assistant Teacher

Varsha Guddalwar

Assistant Teacher

Prafulkumar Mishram

Assistant Teacher

Yogesh Raut

Sports Teacher

Ashwini Pimpalkar

Lab Assistant

Vijay Lichode

Assistant Teacher

Satish Bhogekar

Administrative Clerk

Vanashri Gahukar

Administrative Clerk


Technical Support

Our Events

15 Aug

School Campus Ground

Various Activities arrange by School for Students within premises on this national function of our country.

3 Sep

School campus

Various Activity such as Fancy Dress , etc. are arraganed by School staff within school premises

13 Sep

School Campus

A 7 days of Celebration in School premises of Ganesh Utsav with various activity managed by school authority for Celebration of the Festival

15 Jan

School Campus

A Anuual Event of SISM. On this events Students explore their Co-Cirriculum Activity throught months such as Sports, Cultural, etc. are arranged by School Management every year.

Our SISM Educational Institute

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